Yerba De La Negrita
  Yerba De La Negrita  Scarlet Globemallow  Malvaceae  Spheralcea coccinea, S. cuspidata  
    Whole  Summer Flowering   Herb,  Stability; Dose; 1 cup tea < 3 x per day  Fall Planting Seed S. cuspidata
  "Can be used like mallow for lower urinary tract inflammations." (a)
  "Soothes sore throat and hoarseness as well as minor irritability of the
    stomach and small ntestine."
  "Traditionally used as scalp conditioner and hair rinse and  internal
(c)                (a) + (c) L ref. C p.168, (b) C p.168. 
Therapeutic Uses:

Cough        Cystitis        Demulcent        Dermatitis         Diarrhea, (dysentery)        Emollient 

Feet        Hair, (dandruff, rinse)        Hemorrhoids        Intestinal Tract        Poultice, (drawing)   

Rashes     Skin Dressing, (ulceration)      Stomach, (ulcers)     Throat Inflammation         Urethitis
SEED $ 2.50
HERB $ 6.00