Chaparro Amargosa
  Chaparro  Amargosa  Simarubaceae  Castela emoryi and C. texana
   Chopped  Winter HerbStability; Herb, many yrs.,    Winter Planting Seed  C. emoryi
   Fresh Winter  Herb Tincture;  1:5, 50%  Alcohol  Dose; 25-50 drops every several hours.
  "Very active inhibitor of intestinal protozoa!" (a)
  "Predictable, prevents or limits the magnitude of  infections before they occur." (b)
  "Used as a preventative for long distance travel!" (c)                     (a) + (b) A p.31, (c) L ref. A p.31
HERB $6.66
SEED $2.50
Therapeutic Uses:

     Anti Microbial      Colitis         Diarrhea;  (protozoan), (dysentery)        Flypaper 

  Intestinal Tract Infection           Parasites,  (amebiasis, giardiasis)
Count 100